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Bethany Ainsley

Speaking & Media

As an award-winning entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the health and wellbeing industry, Bethany can provide unique insight for media and speaking engagements.

Bethany has worked with a range of media outlets including TV, radio and printed publications to offer insight into relevant current affairs, discuss a range of wellbeing topics and share her entrepreneurial journey.

She is able to draw on her lived experiences to talk with authority as an effective motivational speaker across her passions. Bethany has previously spoken to audiences about:


Maximising Wellbeing for Productivity

Finding Your Why

My Business Journey


“Bethany Ainsley is a fabulous expert speaker inspiring our high achieving law students and helping us improve performance. I very highly recommend to others. Her work is essential and effective.” 

Professor Thomas Brooks, Dean and Chair in Law and Government, Durham University


“We were lucky enough to have Bethany as a guest speaker at our international women’s day event. What was brilliant about Bethany was her enthusiasm and modesty in equal measure. Bethany is like a breath of fresh air, she is an excellent role model for women in business with her passion for wellbeing and determination to succeed.” 

Lucy Kendall, Chief Executive Officer, COCO


“Bethany came to give a very inspirational message at our annual dinner. Her story of taking an idea and turning it into a business was compelling and it was also motivational for the students who had joined our dinner to take part in a special student business awards competition. I’m sure we will be inviting Bethany to speak to our members in the future.”

Ted Salmon, Regional Leader, FSB North East


Previous speaking engagements include: