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Bethany Ainsley

Bethany Ainsley, Wellbeing Specialist


Providing specialist Wellbeing Support to help Businesses and Individuals to reach Optimal Performance.

Bethany Ainsley, Wellbeing Specialist
Founder Bethany Ainsley realised the importance of wellbeing on personal and professional achievement through her own entrepreneurial journey, establishing and growing award-winning Nouveau Group.
‘It became apparent to me that busy, hard-working entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses alike require a specialist level of support to effectively manage wellbeing, particularly during times of growth, development or change.”
This experienced combined with Bethany’s extensive qualifications have influenced the design of our wellbeing products which support individuals and teams to develop new behaviour patterns for improved wellbeing and greater productivity.
Bethany Ainsley, Workplace Wellbeing, Wellbeing, Productivity, Culture

We are excited to support forward thinking businesses that are passionate about the wellbeing of their employees. Many of the companies we work with are growing and want to develop a culture of wellbeing to get the best from their teams. Through our Workplace Wellbeing Programme we effectively implement and monitoring our intervention to demonstrate return on investment.
The Personal Wellbeing Plan was designed by Bethany Ainsley to support fellow entrepreneurs and hard working professionals to achieve optimal wellbeing, increased happiness and work-life optimisation.

Bethany Ainsley, Susan Dobson Award, North East Business Woman of the Year, Wellbeing, Workplace Wellbeing, Personal Wellbeing, Personal Wellbeing Plan, Wellbeing Shop

Our founder Bethany Ainsley has been recognised for her work, winning multiple awards including Susan Dobson Award for Entrepreneurship, North East Business Woman of the Year and the David Goldman Prize for Innovation.
As such she is able to draw on her lived experience to talk with authority about her areas of passion and expertise through motivational speaking, media engagements and content creation to provide business inspiration and wellbeing motivation.

Bethany Ainsley, Wellbeing Specialist, Wellbeing Shop, Aromatherapy

Bethany Ainsley Wellbeing Shop offers natural and sustainable plant sourced aromatherapy products created to enhance wellbeing whilst being kind to your environment.

Essential oils can have a highly influential affect on your wellbeing for example Bergamot can help lift mood, Mandarin helps relieve stress and tension, and Ylang Ylang helps calm the nervous system. Place one of our reed diffusers or candles in your home or workspace to start experiencing the benefits of essential oils.